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Dee's Mobile Phlebotomy lives by the motto,

"Every patient is a diamond."

Check out the personal testimonies of clients that have experienced our services.

-Patient Ronald A.

         Houston, TX

    "From a scale of 1 to 10, I give Dee's Phlebotomy an 11! They give excellent service, I would not have anyone else draw my blood but them."
"I love Dee's Mobile and I always look forward to having them service me in the comfort of my own home. They give me great customer service and interaction."

-Patient Roddie W.

           Houston, TX

Tilton Healthcare, Inc would like to thank Dee's for being friendly, caring, and knowledgeable. We have never had a bad experience with them servicing our clients.
​Thanks for a job well done!!
                                     -Tilton Healthcare, Inc

                                      Shirley S.-Office MGMT

   "I just love and appreciate Dee's Mobile.  They are always punctual. I am a hard stick patient but they always gets me on the first stick.  I highly recommend them!"

                               -Patient Alantha S.

                                        Fort Bend, TX



 "Dee I am so proud of your work! Always keep your smile, you are number one!"

                                 -Zandra Osborne

                                        Foundation Surgical Hospital

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